I've been on the hunt for a great purple shampoo that is more natural and doesn't contain any of these ingredients but it has actually been very difficult. My most recent search on Sephora.ca gave me two options, one of which was not vegan, and the other was the Drybar blonde ale shampoo. I had a hard time finding out if this shampoo was vegan and cruelty-free but I remembered that my friend Lindsay aka The Velvet Report visited the Drybar and created this list of their vegan and cruelty-free products.

You might be wondering why I want a purple shampoo, which is typically intended for people with blonde hair. My hair has a lot of highlights that are more on the blonde side and because I naturally have very dark brown hair my highlights start to turn a brassy, very warm and yellow colour. When I first got my hair done it was a cool tone and ashy-er so to try and maintain that I use a purple shampoo.

Okay, moving on to the shampoo review...

The thing that I enjoyed the most about this shampoo is that it doesn't really have a scent. I also find most purple shampoos to be very drying that's the reason why I only buy purple shampoo and then use a more hydrating conditioner instead of using a purple conditioner. This shampoo was much gentler than other ones I have used and it didn't dry out my hair as much. 

These photos are before I used the shampoo, after the first time I used it, and then after the second time, respectively. It's a bit hard to see the results from the shampoo in these photos. My hair looks different in every light and I do think that it looks ashy-er in person. The results aren't very dramatic but it did tone my hair a little more each time.

Each time I washed my hair I shampooed once and then shampooed a second time and left it to soak in my hair for a couple of minutes. Typically, the longer you leave a purple shampoo on your hair the more it will tone it.

Another benefit is how clean it makes my hair feel! No icky residue!

I love that it's leaping bunny certified. If you don't know the difference between all the cruelty-free labels here's a little guide for you:

Overall, I enjoy using this shampoo and if I had to give it a rating it would be 6/10. I wish that it toned my hair more but I think that's the compromise for it not drying my hair out as much. 


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