Friends! I've been very sporadic with my blog posts over the last few months but I'm excited to be writing regularly again. You're going to be seeing a lot more from me starting now!

Today I'm going to share an absolute hidden gem and my new favourite spa. Brand new to Calgary, Hammam Retreat and Spa is such a unique space with so much to offer!

Wondering what "Hammam" is? The name means "bath" in Arabic and traditionally was the name for bathhouses in places like Turkey and Morocco. Hammam's were a social space but also a place to relax, they have a special routine and we are very lucky that the beautiful owner, Huda, decided to bring this piece of culture to Calgary for us to experience.

At Hammam Retreat and Spa you can choose either a Moroccan or Turkish Hammam. The Moroccan Hammam has a deeper exfoliation and more effective products for Calgary skin while the Turkish is more original and traditional. They both follow the traditional procedures but don't worry, it's a private treatment and not a communal bathhouse.

I booked in for the Moroccan Hammam which started with wrapping myself in a towel and sitting in the sauna for 10 minutes. This was the perfect start because the sauna melts all your stress from the day. The heat is so therapeutic and you can feel your pores opening.

Next, you go into the Hammam treatment room. The room is covered in marble (my favourite) and beautiful Moroccan tiles. In the middle of the room is an amazing heated marble table. You start face down and lay your head on a scented pillow. As you're laying on the table (in your bathing suit) the certified esthetician pours water over you. It was kind of shocking and unexpected at first but it feels surprisingly good.

She then lathers you in black olive soap, imported from Morocco, which is full of Vitamin E and deep cleans the skin while also moisturizing and preparing it to be exfoliated. Next, she uses a high-quality mitt, also imported from Morocco, which in combination with the black olive soap, removes toxins and dead skin cells, and increases blood flow. It feels so nice!

Water is poured over you again and then you are covered in rhassoul clay, which is from the Atlas mountains in Morocco. The clay moisturizes and softens your skin while heated towels are placed on your body. This was my favourite part. After all of that, you turn over on to your back and get to do the whole thing over again.

The treatment ends with argan oil being rubbed all over your body. You are left feeling so good and relaxed and with the softest skin you will ever have. Rumour has it this is the best way to improve your tan for the summer. 

"Hammam has immediate benefits such as physical and emotional detox, nourishing the skin, reducing muscle tension, boost THE immune system and my ultimate favourite one is how it makes you look and feel beautiful. If I can contribute daily to any of the above, then I have done my job!" -HUDA

After the treatment, you get to hang out in the tent which is draped with gorgeous blankets while enjoying Moroccan fresh mint green tea and dates in your robe. I could hang out there all day. 

I've never had any body-wrap or body treatments before and I had no expectations. But I was so impressed. My day had been very stressful and emotional and I left feeling so much better and with much nicer skin! I saw results immediately and the products felt so healing for my dry Calgary skin.


The Hammam treatment is the perfect gift, hope that it's your birthday soon because I am going to be gifting this to everyone! The spa also offers many waxing services and a Moroccan clay facial using the special rhassoul clay, as well as Relaxation and Hot Stone massage.

Visit their website and give them a call to hear more about the one-of-a-kind experience they offer! And get in now before they start booking up, this won't stay a hidden gem for long! #treatyoself