Hi babes! I'm excited to share this post with you and hope it can help your skin in some way. I've struggled with my skin since I've been about 14 years old. I'm acne prone and have very dry skin and I felt like I had tried everything to fix it. After recently learning more about product ingredients and being consistent with my routine I finally have my skin in a happy place.

Something that has taken my skincare regime to the next level is doing a mask every week. It just gives my skin the extra boost that it needs and I feel like its an easy step that everyone can incorporate into their routine. 

Our skin is our largest organ and anything that goes on it makes its way into our bodies so I make sure that all the products I use are vegan, cruelty free, and contain no parabens or mineral oil. Okay, okay let's talk about the masks!



Honestly, I forgot The Body Shop existed until I saw on Instagram that they had a whole new mask line! I was in need of a new mud mask so thought I would give it a try and it's everything I expect from a mud mask and more. Mud masks are amazing if you have oily skin because it sucks up all the oil and reduces the size of your pores. I really like that this mask uses charcoal to help draw out all of the impurities.

Even though I have dry skin I like to use this on the areas of my face that get sore red or white pimples on the surface. This mask pulls out the bad stuff and "kills" the pimples so they go away faster. I usually just apply this on the areas that need it so I don't dry out my skin too much. Some mud masks are not always good for dry skin because the tingling can be irritating. Try it on a small patch of skin first to see how you react .  

You can find this mask here



Okay, I know its not a mask but you seriously need these in your life. I just love the whole experience of a coffee scrub! The smell, the feel, the taste (wait what?! You probably shouldn't eat them...) Most coffee scrubs are meant for your body but if they have clean ingredients and you make sure not to scrub too hard it can totally be used on your face! Sometimes after cleansing in the morning I do a light scrub so my face is smooth and my makeup goes on better. I love to rub the scrub all over and then leave it on for my skin for a couple of minutes to absorb all the good ingredients. I am currently rotating between two coffee scrubs that both use recycled coffee AND are local to Calgary! 

My first coffee scrub is "Molido" by Skwiik. I love this scrub because it is so dang moisturizing! Skwiik is a genius and uses fractionated coconut oil which is less comedogenic (WTF?!) which means it is BETTER for our skin than regular coconut oil. It also contains babbasu oil for extra moisturizing and vitamin e which works as an antioxidant for the skin. All of that mixed with sea salt and peppermint just makes me feel so smooth, so fresh, and so clean!

Find Skwiik on Instagram or her website


My other scrub is by Simply Polished and I love how much coffee is in this one. It smells so fresh and delicious making it perfect for an early morning shower. This scrub has organic cane sugar instead of salt and it reminds me of a warm, sweet, and yummy latte. The reason I rotate between the two is because this one has pure tea tree oil which keeps it anti-bacterial AND is amazing for my acne and keeping zits at bay!

These scrubs are also fantastic for improving circulation and inflammation in the body. They just have so many benefits! Definitely my new obsession.

Find Simply Polished on Instagram or her website



This is hands down my favourite mask of all time. It gets rid of my pimples, exfoliates, reduces the size of my pores, and makes my skin instantly glowy and healthier looking. It seriously does EVERYTHING. The pineapple and papaya enzymes are so active and that is what makes the magic happen. I get a lot of texture on my face (under the skin bumps) and this helps to significantly reduce it. It also contains algae extract to help support collagen on the outer layer of skin which keeps us looking young and beautiful. This mask is amazing for all skin types. An extra bonus is it only has to go on for 5 minutes so I don't have to wait 15 minutes like most masks. 

You can find this mask here

What's your favourite mask? Let me know in the comments! 

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