Did you see my skin story and how I got the best skin of my life? If you did, you would have seen how much acne I used to have and how little I have now. Throughout my acne journey, I learned A LOT about pimples and what to do about them, prevent them, and stop them.

Here are my top tips and best home remedies for dealing with pimples:

Get enough sleep

Beauty sleep is no joke. Have you ever noticed the more you sleep the better your skin looks? Our sleep cycle also affects our hormones so if we don't sleep a proper amount or at the right time of day our hormones can become imbalanced and could cause a hormonal breakout. Try to sleep soon after it is dark and wake up when it is light out because this is the natural cycle for our bodies. 


Be mindful of your hair products

Most hair products contain a lot of chemicals or oils and other things that our skin might not like. Make sure to not put too much product on the parts of your hair that may be touching your face all day. You don't want to transfer extra oils or products that are not made for the skin because they could very easily clog pores.


Don't touch your face

You might not notice how much you touch your face throughout the day or you're like me and you are constantly touching your face. Regardless of which category you fall under try not to touch your face as much as possible. You are carrying more dirt than you may realize from your phone, laptop, food, and everything else. Watch out for the type of hand cream you use as well. Our face, especially if acne-prone and congested does not need any more dirt and oils. What happened to me was that I wouldn't stop touching my neck so I started to get pimples there.


Wash your hands

Speaking of not touching your face. Even if you try hard not to, you might unknowingly or accidentally touch your face. Make sure to wash your hands often so you avoid spreading oils and dirt. 


Use good quality products

I stay away from these ingredients because they can be irritating for the skin and cause breakouts. Take a look at the ingredients on your products and make sure they make sense for what you need. If you are oily you may want ingredients like tea tree oil and if you are very dry you might need something like hydrogenated coconut oil. I would highly recommend making sure your products are as natural as possible and don't forget that it is important to invest in your skin because it's with you for life. I would also recommend talking to someone knowledgeable like my friend Annie from XO Treatment room. She carries some of the best products and is a huge reason for my almost-perfect skin.

Check out brands like Arbonne, REN, Cyberderm, Kat Radu, and XO PM.


Have a great skin care routine

Which means wash your face!!! Every morning and every night! I can't believe how many people don't wash their face. At the minimum, your routine should include a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Each of those products will look different for every skin type but they are a must. Our skin collects a lot of buildup throughout the day from touching our face, makeup, and the environment. Washing your face will break up all the dirt in your pores, get your makeup off, and give you a clean slate for the rest of your routine. Toner can refresh, control oil, balance skin pH, and so much more. And finally, your moisturizer will be the powerhouse you need to hydrate your skin to keep it healthy. My skin is dry and I used to over-moisturize my face but now I use the Cyberderm Emblica Light and Bright, to lightly moisturize and it works to get rid of my acne scars, with the Every Morning Sun Whip and XO PM to hydrate and soothe my skin at night.


Be gentle

Our skin doesn't like to be irritated. It might feel good to manually scrub your skin or a microdermabrasion might sound like a good idea but usually, it is too much for your skin to handle and it will react by breaking out. Use a fruit enzyme mask like this one or this one to exfoliate the skin without irritating it too much. A gentle peel like those will promote cell turnover which means your pimples and acne scars will disappear faster and I recommend doing them once a week.


Don't pop your pimples

I'm sure you've heard this a million times and here's a million and one. If you pop your pimple it will take so much longer for it to heal because you are breaking the skin and it could also irritate the skin more and encourage more pimples. If you let it go away on its own it will heal so much faster and not scar as badly. It's hard to do and I will admit I still pop mine sometimes. So if you really have to pop a pimple make sure you have a clean face, clean hands, and you use a toner to clean the area after.


Don't drink alcohol

I'm sure that you already know alcohol is not good for your body as it is. It dehydrates our bodies and that is definitely not what you want when dealing with any acne or skin issues. It may also cause you to not wash your face at night and sleep with your makeup on (I know you've done it). I'm not saying that you can't drink it at all but just be smart about it.


Cut out dairy and gluten

I saved the best for last because I know some of you may not want to hear this. A lot of people are sensitive to dairy and gluten for a lot of different reasons. Dairy and gluten usually cause inflammation inside the body and when there's inflammation that can show up in many ways and one of them is pimples. Try to cut them out for at least two weeks and see if anything changes. It may seem difficult to do but if your skin is better off with out it and I definitely think it's worth it.

I know that acne can make you very self-conscious and it's upsetting to get new pimples. But trust me, if you take care of yourself and stay patient it will get better!


Let me know your acne tips in the comments below!


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