Have you heard about the hottest new facial bar in Calgary?

Dr. Robin Scholz, a chiropractor in Calgary, developed the Loschn method and is making waves by opening two facial bars within the last year!

This isn't your typical facial. This is a lymphatic and microcirculation facial. The Loschn method uses a medical grade steel tool to release the fascia (muscle under the skin) and built-up fluid in the face. This technique improves microcirculation which increases the hydration of the skin within.

All they use is the steel tool and the technique, there are no products used. There is zero downtime and you can even do the treatments wearing makeup. 

Here's what happens: the Loschn technique agitates collagen and builds it up so that the tone of our face can be maintained. It's like a workout for our faces. And by getting into the deeper face tissues they can actually sculpt the face! Hello cheekbones!

Any one can benefit from these facials and they can be used for prevention or to rebuild lost collagen. It also works great for anyone with sensitive skin.

Photography by Brendan Klem

I loved my experience with the Loschn facials. I found that the technique they use with the tool was very soothing and it doesn't hurt at all. It's like a massage for your face. After every treatment I noticed more results and also my results lasting longer. I've had about five treatments and will keep going every few weeks (or after a night of too much wine) for maintenance.

I took the below photos before and after my first treatment. I was really excited and surprised by my results! I noticed that I had way less puffiness around my eyes, my jawbone was more defined, my chin looked smaller, the skin on my neck was tighter and my face was all around more sculpted. After a few more treatments I also noticed less redness in my face and overall smoother skin which made a great base for my makeup. It's safe to say I'm hooked on Loschn facials.

Another thing we worked on was tension in my jaw from grinding my teeth. The Loschn method can also treat teeth grinding, sinuses, and TMJ (jaw pain).

Another thing I love is that the Loschn method isn't just for your face. Dr. Robin Scholz can treat anywhere on your body. How amazing is this before and after leg transformation?!

Oh and you know that annoying flab of skin between your armpit and your boob? That's just built up fluid that Dr. Scholz can Loschn method away!

Each facial session is only 20 minutes and each body treatment is 30 minutes, but if you need more love you can always book a double.

I highly recommend you give the Loschn method a try!

They have a brand new location in Mission or you can check out their original location in Westhills.

Link to book your appointment: https://www.loschn.com/

Let me know what you think about the Loschn method in the comments below!