Happy last day of January!

Are you still on track with your New Years resolutions? I love that there are always new fitness trends popping up to help keep things interesting. And yeah, trying any new workout can be intimidating but nothing bad ever came from going out of your comfort zone and getting a great sweat. I need a lot of variety in my workout but recently I have fallen back in love with spin classes and find myself there about twice a week!

I love that almost anyone can do spin and have a great workout because you can go at your own pace. Apparently, the average amount of calories burned in a 50 minute spin class is 500 but James tracked a class and his Apple Watch told him he had burned about 1000... which is CRAZY. The biggest difference I've noticed in my body is lower body fat every where on my body. It's a full body work out and it just makes you feel amazing and turns any day into a great one! 

Okay, so now you know why you need to go to spin, but where should you go? I've flirted with a few different spin studios in Calgary but I definitely found my soulmate when I went to STAX Cycle Club.

The STAX studio sits side by side to City Fit, a top of the line personal training facility in Inglewood. They have an entire parking lot with free parking (actually one of my favourite things about them), the best change rooms with full-size lockers, a steam room, and beautiful products for you to use. The spin room has the coolest lights and they have some seriously amazing swag. And if you book a class online you can reserve your bike!!!

STAX is the new kid on the block in the Calgary spin scene but they are far from being an underdog. I love the community they are trying to build, a team that works together, plays together, and is a little naughty together. They are lovers of Drake, great street style, and boss babes. Don't get me wrong there are some great boss dudes there but the ladies kick some serious ass. 

But what makes STAX different from other studios? First of all, they scoped out the best equipment for you to use. They are one of the only studios in Calgary that use the Stages bike which has a smooth and realistic feeling. It also has a "sprint shift" so instead of turning the resistance knob a hundred times one shift equals a few turns and kicks it to the next level for some serious leg burn.

They offer two different programs: the STAX 50 which is a fun and a challenging ride focused on tempo and choreography, and the new STAX Max which uses the power meters for an even more challenging and competitive ride. I also appreciate that they do an arm combination with weights in every class so it's a guaranteed full body workout.

"The Stages stationary bike is without a doubt, the most high end stationary bike on the market."

These are the two boss babes behind STAX, Emily and Katie. STAX was born from their shared addiction to spin, pushing their limits, and staying fit. They created the space for instructors to grow and have the freedom to improve their programs. These ladies are all about balance and treating their instructors and clients right. They embrace the hard-core side of their instructors, friends and clients but also are always down for a beer after class (they are sponsored by Mill Street Brewery so they actually do have beer after class every Friday, I told you this place was the best right?!). 

FIRST RIDE IS FREE so you'd be crazy not to go!

Cash them ousside at: and on Instagram @staxcycleclub


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