Hey babe!

I am so happy that you have made it to my blog! What you can expect to see are posts about everything I love: style, beauty, food, travel, and local businesses. I created this space to have an outlet for my ideas but its also so much more than that. 

My blog is not only going to have amazing content (duh!) but it also represents an idea that I hold true to my heart. The idea being that if you have a feeling inside of you that you want to do something, then go do it. Essentially what I am saying is listen to your heart and follow your dreams (so cheesy but I don't care). Amazing things can happen when you do. I never thought that I would actually start a blog even though I have always wanted to but as soon as I made the decision my head starting exploding with ideas and I couldn't stop it. I think it is pretty obvious I am excited about this new project and for you to enjoy it with me! 

I want us to build an amazing community full of love and support so please comment, like, and share!

And lets follow our dreams together. 

Love ya, 

Zandra xx