I recently got the chance to visit such a unique and innovative space in downtown Calgary. When you first walk in to Eyedeology it's clean, spacious and I was impressed by quite a few things and came up with reasons why I love Eyedeology and why you will as well!


The further you venture into the clinic you find out they are not only an optometrist but they also have a medical doctor, massage therapist, chiropractor, dentist, and laser treatments. It is actually a one stop shop for all of your health needs and I've never seen a place like this before. 



Did I mention how fabulous the staff are? I got to hang out with the optometry team who are a group of beautiful boss babes so happy and excited to help you with all things optometry! They are passionate about what they do and very qualified!  

To be honest, I don't know much about eye health because I've never had many problems. All that I know is when I was younger I used to see some old man to get my eyes checked every year but I guess now that I'm an adult this responsibility is on me to get this taken care of because obviously our eye health is so important. Which brings me to reason #3 to visit Eyedeology.


I think what I like best about Dr. Farrah (owner and optometrist) is that she's young, fun and I can relate to her. I have my eye exam soon and I can't wait to find out more. She loves to educate about eye health and has been on TV and featured in magazines. For example, did you know that you can start bringing your baby to the optometrist at 6 months old?!


Another thing to love about Eyedeology is that they are always up to date with the latest trends. I found some gorgeous glasses by Prada (pictured above). Any one would be able to find the perfect frames! I don't wear glasses but after trying these on I really wanted to get a prescription-less pair. 

They also had some very trendy sunglasses that I had a hard time leaving behind! 


I had so much fun trying on different glasses and hanging out with the ladies from Eyedeology. This might sound weird but I can't wait to go back. They actually make me feel excited about going to get my eyes checked which I never thought would happen. Does anyone else feel this way about their optometrist?!

Make sure to check out Eyedeology online and on Instagram @eyedeology.ca 

[All photos by Jesse Tamayo]

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