It's Canada's 150th birthday this year and there are lots of fun events coming up to celebrate!

This past weekend Sobeys, Safeway, and IGA, proudly Canadian companies, hosted the Canada Screams for Ice Cream event to celebrate Canada's birthday and also give back to the community.

On June 24th you could visit any Sobeys, Safeway, and IGA and donate $2 to a local charity and get a yummy ice cream in return. 100% of the proceeds went to charities providing children and youth healthy meals and snacks which is amazing. Sobeys also matched the donation!

In Calgary, the donations are going to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary who work on youth homelessness, hunger, LGBTQ2S+, and so much more.  

At the event, there was face painting, lot's of lovely helpers, fun photo ops, and of course, ice cream.

I invited my nephews to join me at the event because it was a great opportunity for them to trade in their toonies and get a treat in return. They may not know it but their kind donations are helping out kids that are less fortunate than them. Everyone was very happy to be enjoying some yummy ice cream and the Sobeys maple flavoured ice cream came highly recommended!

I also loved the event's slogan:

"A cold treat that will leave you feeling warm."

This event also kicked off the Kids Paying-it-Forward Program where Sobeys will give 150 kids a $500 gift card to donate to a community group that has helped their family.

A big thank you to Sobeys for putting on such a wonderful fundraising campaign! It's great to see local companies giving back to the community and I think Sobeys set an amazing example. I hope to see many more events like this!

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