Monthly favourites are one of my favourite things to read or watch so I'm hoping to make it a regular post on the blog! It's a big review of products I've been using and loving from the previous month and I'd love to get some recommendations from you guys too. Enjoy!




I bought the Josie Maran cleansing oil earlier this month and I didn't know it was a favourite until I tried another cleanser and thought "oh I actually did really like that one". It is a little strange to cleanse with oil especially because you apply this to your dry face and then wash it off. But my skin feels so clean after using it and it doesn't dry it out. I feel like the oils make it a good option in the winter for some extra moisture. The only thing is, the packaging says to massage into a "rich milk" and neither James or I can seem to do this? Any tips?    [Buy it here]



I got some M.O.T.D. synthetic, cruelty-free, and vegan makeup brushes and have been using them every day. It was tough, but I narrowed it down to my top 3 for this post. The Conceal Your Secret brush is the perfect size to get into all the nooks and cranny's and evenly apply your concealer. The Eye Catching Crease brush is great for blending in the crease and lately that's all I've been doing for my eye makeup. It adds definition but still looks natural. And the Supermodel Sculpt brush is fabulous for sculpting out those cheek bones and defining the rest of the face. All the brushes are so soft and ROSE GOLD! So luxe! [Buy here and use code LIFEWITHZANDRA for 10% off]



Had a late night or a few? This is your new best friend. I don't get huge bags but I get extremely puffy in my eye area when I am the slightest bit tired. These patches are so cooling and hydrating on the face. It firms up the entire eye area and just makes you look so much more awake. It activates collagen synthesis, is anti-aging, and does a lot of other amazing things you can read about here. I also feel like because everything is in French it makes it sound fancier, no? [I bought mine here]



Okay so technically, I got this in March. But I just had to tell you about it sooner than later because the changes I've seen in my face in the three days I've used it are amazing. I've been trying to replenish the moisture in my skin for the longest time. Calgary's dry climate does not help at all and I also suffer from hyperpigmentation (acne scarring). In the three days of using it day and night my hyperpigmentation is fading, my skin looks and feels more moisturized, and it's glowing! I wish I had found this sooner. [Buy here]



I can't believe that I just tried this concealer for the first time last month. For the longest time I didn't feed into the hype around this product and I'm sad I didn't. I never really had much luck with concealers and thought I didn't need it. Well, I was wrong. I guess I just hadn't found the one. And I think that this may be it (until I try a new one next month, any suggestions?). It's very hydrating and it definitely creases less than other concealers I've used. It has more of a full coverage which I like and I use it anywhere on my face to cover up bags, spots, or redness. [Buy here]




I fell in love with Quay sunglasses as soon as I saw them and finally got myself a pair. I picked up the rose gold lickety-split sunglasses and they are hands-down my favourite sunglasses I've ever had. They are pretty comfortable but I mostly like them because of the style. I love the over-sized look and the reflective lenses. A lot of celebrities wear them but they are so affordable and have lots of unique styles. [Buy here




My house has never smelled so good thanks to Milk Jar Candles. I have never really liked candles but when I smelled these I had to have it. I didn't even own a lighter, I had to go out and buy one just so I could light my candles! You can feel good about burning these because it's made from 100% soy wax and they also have a wood wick so it crackles and has a big beautiful flame. James also loves them and we have at least one burning every night. [Buy here and learn more here]



This was introduced to me by Kelley at a Heart and Swirl event where she had put it on popcorn. That popcorn changed my life. It was so good. I bought the salt at a specialty oil and vinegar store in Calgary. I've been finding ways to add this to anything and everything and sometimes I just smell it because it's so darn good. I just made truffle hummus, and it is mighty fine if I do say so myself. [I bought mine from here]


What did you love in February?!

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