It's the most wonderful time of the year! Holidays, food, and parties, yes please! I have a few holiday events coming up very soon and I need some new outfits (I will use any excuse to buy new clothes). This year I wanted to skip the mall and support some local businesses instead.

I recently connected with Saturday Clothing, a custom clothing store in Calgary. I thought I would visit the studio and see what it was all about. I honestly didn't know much about custom clothing and I wasn't sure what to expect. 

On the day of our meeting, I walk in to the bright and beautiful space of Saturday Clothing where I'm welcomed by the amazing owner, CEO, fly fisher, and all around boss babe, Andrea. There are a lot of beautiful things to look at in the studio and you can tell a lot of love and labor was put into the space. 

Andrea starts out by giving me a questionnaire which she gives to every client so that she can get to know them better and have some fun (love this idea!). I had to answer questions like: "heels or flats?" and "if presented the opportunity, would you raise a hamster?". My answers: heels and no, sorry.

Next, we have CHAMPAGNE! HELLO! What other store gives you champagne while you shop?! 

I brought in some photos to give Andrea an idea of what I am looking for. I also tried on some of the ready-made pieces from her newest collection for inspiration. We talk about my budget and what fabric we can use for what I want.

Andrea picks all her fabric by hand and only gets a limited amount to make sure that your piece of clothing stays one of a kind. One size does not fit all when it comes to fabric. I had never really thought about it before but Andrea explained how different fabrics enhance certain body types. Even her fabric is tailored to the person.   

Style tip: Velvet looks good on everyone.

"Every girl deserves to feel fucking awesome." -Andrea

After taking my measurements and getting a tour of the "Clothing Laboratory" we talk a little more about how important custom clothing is in today's society. There is a lot of negativity about size and when we go into a store we are forced to fit into a small, medium, or large, that just doesn't seem right. Most of the time we buy something that mostly fits and that we kind of like. Andrea believes that clothes are meaningful and everyone deserves to have great ones. With custom clothing size is eliminated and you have clothes that fit you and look amazing and really, that is the only thing that matters.

Andrea also puts a huge emphasis on quality, hence the fact that everything is sewn by her. Good quality is under appreciated and we usually buy things because of the price and we don't always think about where that item comes from or how it was made. 

It is such a different experience having something made specifically for me, having input, and being part of the process. Having a piece of clothing made specifically for me that fits my budget and fits my body perfectly just makes so much sense, I can't wait to show you my outfits!

(If you haven't noticed, I'm not giving away any details about my outfit so I can have a big reveal when it is ready.)

Saturday Clothing is hosting two markets at the studio on November 19 & December 10 with lots of beautiful pieces which would make great gifts (for yourself) #treatyoself

Starting in January, Saturday Clothing will be hosting Private Shopping Events! I am very excited for this one. So get ready to round up a group of girls and get pampered with facials, specialty catering, hair and makeup, amazing clothes, a professional photo shoot, and a reservation at Proof. 

You can also contact Andrea by visiting, calling, or emailing the studio: 

  • Suite 210 - 1316 1 ST SW Calgary
  • 403-984-8475

Find Saturday Clothing on InstagramFacebook, and their website (coming soon)


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