There are so many recipes available online, on Pinterest, even Facebook and Instagram but I still love a good cookbook. I thought it would be fun to share my vegan cookbook collection that I have built up over the last 3 years.

Some of these cookbooks are very well loved which you can tell by the crinkled and sauce-splattered pages. I've summarized each cookbook so you can decide which one would be best for you. I've also included my favourite recipe from each book. Enjoy!



This was the very first vegan cookbook I bought because Roberto was the chef for Ellen Degeneres. I fell in love with his pancake recipes and there are quite a few recipes that make the transition to vegan easier. You might find that vegan recipes have some ingredients you haven't heard of and you'll have to go out and find them just to make that recipe. I found that out when I bought this cookbook but I've used those ingredients again and again so not to worry! I haven't gone back to this cookbook a lot since we first got it but there are still some recipes I want to try!



Angela Liddon is a vegan goddess and the creator of the blog Oh She Glows. I love everything she creates and believe me when I say, every recipe I've tried has been amazing, and I've tried a lot of them. The only thing is, her recipes are usually very long and more complicated. They have long ingredient lists with very weird ingredients you don't typically have in your pantry. But, it's worth it. This cookbook has recipes vegans and non-vegans will love and the falafel bites are something we make very often.



Angela came out with another amazing cookbook but this time it's much bigger. It contains some of the recipes from the original book but they have been slightly improved. This cookbook has everything you need and I love that it includes smoothie recipes. I have been loving the lentil tacos and I've been making these over and over again. I recommend that everyone should have at least one of the Oh She Glows cookbooks.



I love Thug Kitchen's crude language and no-nonsense attitude towards eating a plant-based diet. If you are easily offended by rude language then you should not get this book. I find that their recipes are more street-food inspired and put fun twists on traditional recipes. There are a lot of recipes in this book that I enjoy. They also include alcoholic beverage recipes.



The second cookbook by Thug Kitchen includes a lot of recipes that are more appropriate for crowds and it includes even more beverage recipes. This cookbook isn't as useful for James and I but if you love to entertain this would be great! James has made this brownie recipe a few times now and it doesn't get old!



Who doesn't love quick and easy recipes?! Their third cookbook features a lot of comfort foods that you can make quickly and with uncomplicated ingredient lists. I love their version of the chickpea noodle soup.



The Food 52 cookbook has a lot of recipes that feel more gourmet. These recipes will definitely impress friends and family but they aren't what I would typically make. The style is very different from my other cookbooks and maybe that's what drew me to it. The peanut and kale soup will warm your soul and is one of my favourite recipes EVER.



This cookbook is huge! And it was created by Brendan Brazier, the creator of Vega products and a very successful vegan triathlete, so who wouldn't trust a cookbook by him?  It has tons of recipes that are quick and healthy and a lot of the desserts are raw. He uses very simple ingredients and everything is easy to understand. I don't use this cookbook a lot but I should...


Looking through my cookbook collection made me realize that I haven't been trying new recipes as much as I would like, so I'm making it a goal to try one new recipe from a cookbook each week. I'm always on the hunt for great recipes, comment your favourite recipes and cookbooks down below!

Cookbooks on my wishlist:

And if you're wondering where my beautiful Siren Bookends are from, I got them at Urban Barn a few years ago but I found these bookends for you which are almost the same!


    What are your favourite cookbooks?

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