I have a serious sweet tooth. And sometimes, it can be hard to find vegan desserts around Calgary. I am always looking for my next sugar fix so I'm proud to present my list of the best vegan desserts in Calgary.

[Update: I have updated this list to include more vegan desserts in Calgary in 2019, keep scrolling to see! It’s amazing how many more options there are now]



Made by Marcus always has a vegan ice cream flavour available. Most of the time they have salted caramel cashew date and chocolate fudge brownie which are both amazing and sometimes they have a seasonal vegan flavour. Just check their website (linked in the title) to see what they have.

Warning: because they only have one location the lines get looooong. Have dessert first and then dinner.

[Update: they now have two locations in Calgary, 17th Avenue and Hillhurst]


Village Ice Cream has "seasonal" flavours which always include a vegan coconut milk ice cream and a sorbet which changes every 1-2 months. They now have three locations so it's easy to get your hands on one.


Jomar creates the most aesthetic vegan dessert and his Instagram is #goals. His desserts are something out of a dream and I always try and get my hands on some. My most recent purchases were these beautiful donuts, the "Homer" on the left and rocky road on the right.

Send him an email or Instagram message to request some goodies! And just do yourself a favour and check out his Instagram (linked in title).

[Update: Jomar is out of the country and is not taking orders for now, but you should still follow him on Insta!]


If you're like me and you love chocolate then you will love the torte from The Coup. It's brownie crusted and has a smooth creamy texture in the middle, just looking at this photo of the cake makes me drool.


Everyone loves cupcakes right?! And brownies and cookie sandwiches... Baked from the Heart makes all these things and the best part is they are gluten-free and still so delicious. They are always coming out with new treats which makes me very happy. You can find them at lots of markets around the city and they also take custom orders.


First Date has perfected the ultimate allergen-free treat! All of Tatiana's confections are nut, gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar-free. They are naturally sweetened with a delicious piece of date in the middle! My favourite flavours are lucuma and carob! Find First Dates here.

[Update: First Date has paused production until further notice]


Little Tucker creates raw, vegan, and super healthy snacks and protein balls. My favourite are the snickaroo squares, you can feel guilt-free even though they’re sooo tasty. Peanuts + chocolate + dates = a happy Zandra.

See where you can get her treats here.

New vegan desserts in Calgary, updated August 2019:

HOOPLA donuts

From the creators of Phil & Sebastian, Hoopla Donuts has an impressive selection of delicious donuts. And the best part is, there are always tons of vegan options! There are not a lot of vegan donuts around Calgary and these are definitely the best. They have lots of gluten-free options too!


This one is a surprising addition to the vegan dessert list but it’s the only place in Calgary to get the famous Dole Whip! If you haven’t heard of Dole Whip, it’s a dairy-free and gluten-free soft serve dessert usually found at Disneyland or in Hawaii. It’s the perfect summer treat.

Inglewood Drive In Dole Whip


The best vegan croissants I have had in a long time. Everything she makes is amazing and make sure you get a Cruffin, you will not be disappointed. Roll With It Baking is usually at the Farmers Makers Market every Saturday but check their Instagram before you go, just to be sure.


These are the first vegan macarons I have found and they did not let me down. 8 Cakes creates wonderful vegan baked goods and they are always trying new things. Check them out for cakes, macarons, cinnamon buns, cupcakes and more!


You can find Soy Milk and Vinegar goodies at different locations all around the city! She makes the softest cookies ever, I don’t know how she does it. Check out their website (linked in title) to see all the locations you can find her cookies, cake jars, and more.


Canela is a bakery that started out at the Farmers Makers Market and is now found at all Barrow Espresso locations. This bakery has incredible cinnamon buns I have taste-tested them many times and I would highly recommend. They have a big focus on being organic and a healthier option.

If you’re looking for even more: Grocery stores like Blush Lane, Community Natural Foods, and Amaranth always have lots of vegan chocolate and desserts and bring in new products all the time. Superstore-brand now has a plant-based cheesecake! Most vegan restaurants like Hearts Choices, Raw Eatery, The Dandelion and Veg-In YYC will have a fridge with vegan desserts. But my favourite dessert at a restaurant has to be the chocolate avocado torte at Ten Foot Henry.

It’s crazy how many more vegan options have popped up in the last two years, I can’t even list them all here, let me know in the comments if I missed any of your favourites!