Hello from Greece!

Starting today, I am going to be travelling around Europe for the next 5 weeks! Packing for this trip was no easy task and since travelling to Belize with only a backpack I vowed to never check luggage again. Even though I was only in Belize for 8 days I was determined to travel around Europe with only carry-on luggage.

Thanks to YouTube videos and blog posts like this one by Drea Marie Blog I've got some amazing packing tips that I will forever use. I wish I had learned these packing tips and tricks sooner but I'm so happy I know them now.

Here are my favourite packing tips and tricks:


I wish that I had packing cubes for my trip to Belize. I brought a backpack and my clothes were so disorganized I had to re-pack my bag multiple times. So for this trip, I got a 6-pack of packing cubes from Amazon and they worked perfectly. I didn't end up using all of them but the largest I used for my clothes, another I used for underwear and bathing suits, and another for shoes. It helps keep things separate, organized and maximizes space in your bag.

The ones I bought:



I think this tip is my favourite one and if you haven't heard of shampoo and conditioner bars yet, head to the Unwrapped Life website ASAP. These are perfect for travel. They take up less room than bottles and they are solid bars so they don't count towards your liquids which is so important when travelling carry-on-only. I use the detoxifier shampoo and conditioner bars. I'm also bringing a facial soap bar for the same reason and it can also be used as a body wash!

Shampoo and conditioner bar:

Facial soap bar:



Camping stores have some of the best things for travel. I didn't even know I needed some things until I looked around the outdoor store. One of the things I found was this flat foldable water bottle. It barely takes up any room in my bag while it's empty and even when there's water in it it can squish into any space.

The one I bought: 




This should be an obvious one. But I think it's extra important for a vegan to have protein bars and extra snacks since healthy options are not always accessible. Also, snacks are ridiculously expensive at the airport. It's also important to bring probiotics that don't need to be refrigerated because eating new foods can sometimes mess with your gut. I also found these Nuun tabs to add to water for hydration and extra vitamins so I thought I would try them out!


Nuun tabs:



When you're travelling it's inevitable to get wrinkles in your clothes and that's why The Crease Release spray by The Laundress is life changing! It works so well on lightly wrinkled clothes, I just hang up the piece of clothing, spray it all over the outside and let it sit for a few minutes, it's like magic. You're welcome.

The Crease Release spray:


For more tips and tricks and to see what I packed for 5 weeks in Europe watch my newest video: