I love goal setting! Especially for the New Year. The idea of having a whole year to do and learn more makes me so excited, it's the perfect time to reset and start fresh with our goals.

James and I always take the time to sit down and set our goals for the year. I've noticed that we are more successful in reaching some than others and I like to think I've figured out why and that this will be our best year for setting our goals AND reaching them. 

This is how we plan to set our goals for the New Year and stay on track!

I know we all have those huge goals in life maybe 5-10 year goals but in order to get there it's so important to break them down into short term goals.  

I feel like we all make some kind of goal about money and health for the New Year (myself included). With money, I used to make pretty broad goals like "I will save this amount this year" but it's hard to keep these because they don't force you to create any structure. It's the same with your health. Making the goal "lose 10 pounds" doesn't really get us anywhere or motivate us. Instead, make it a goal you can check in with constantly like "I will save $50 each month" or "I will work out for 6 hours a week". With these goals you can plan for them each week or month. They are manageable goals which means you will lose that weight and save money so much faster!

It's always fun to make it a goal to do something new and exciting too so don't forget to make it about more than money or health. Make it a goal to hang out with your friends and family once a week or try a new restaurant each month!

Here is an example of some goals:

From my experience these goals are less intimidating and easy to keep track of. I hope that goal number 4 is on every ones list for 2017! (kind of joking, but not really)

Now to stay motivated and keep your goals you need to read them often and keep them with you. I like to make a vision board so I can visually see my goals when I wake up every day. I also type my goals into the "notes" application on my phone. Sometimes I even screenshot that note and make it the wallpaper on my phone. 

You don't have to look at your goals every day but always have them with you. I say that because there is an amazing story about a room full of athletes that wanted to go to the Olympics and the most successful was the person who had their goals with them. You can read more about this story here

I also make sure to write my goals with another person and then talk about them after. This can help keep each other accountable for your goals and you can also ask them for their help along the way. 

I hope that you reach all your goals and more in 2017!

Let me know your goals for 2017 in the comments below!

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